Each and every team member of Fantasy understands the reason behind selection of customer's product. It's necessary that the production should be done in a happy environment and with camaraderie. We make sure that our team is happy doing their work. We offer wide range of Bakery & Patisserie products that also includes seasonal products which are really enjoyable. Our outlet Managers make sure that they recommend appropriate products to customers so that customers get the best of the experience.


We simply love to focus our attention on the details.

Our creative pastry chefs are constantly playing and experimenting with different ingredients, tastes, forms, and decorations in order to provide our customers with a unique experience. We are able to provide the best results by discussing expectations of cake presentation, taste-testing the desserts during different stages of development, and to fulfill the consumer's sweet dreams through our passion.


We always take exceptional care to select the best ingredients.

Our hunger for perfection results in the decision to choose only reliable suppliers which offer high-quality raw materials and ingredients with colourful sun-kissed tastes for the creation of our sweet masterpieces. In co-operation with confectioners, we are selecting the best of the best to make sure that you feel the satisfaction. Using our technically sound machines for production, all products undergo strict quality control.


Great customer experience and product quality are assured by us.

Protecting the taste and design of the cake during the process of delivering and defrosting, we use safe freezing technology to keep the products in their original state. This flavour-friendly method helps us to gratify taste buds of our beloved customers.

Why Choose Fantasy

Quality & Customer Service

We do not compromise when it comes to product quality or customer service. We provide great tasting product and great customer service every time. Anything less is unacceptable.

Best Product

We have catered to thousands of customers and developed a reputation to please the esoteric in this trade.

Fresh & Natural

we bake from scratch with all natural ingredients. No trans fats shortening / Preservatives.

Doorstep Delivery

Our on efficient staff is always ready with all hygienic guidelines ready to delivered in and around Pune and PCMC Area.